Media Centre

Our spacious media centre and library is well-stocked with a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books that pupils are able to borrow. The library is open during break times for the issue and return of books and provides a space for learners wishing to read and relax in an airconditioned venue. There are computers available for research purposes and we have a bank of iPads available for teachers to use with their classes. The media centre is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and data projector making it a stimulating learning environment. The Centre flourishes because it keeps abreast of continuously changing developments.

Computer Centre

The Computer room has 36 computers on the network, ensuring that each learner has access to the internet. All learners from Grade 4 to Grade 7 have a lesson in the computer room each week with a specialist teacher. All learners are taught basic computer literacy skills and how to use Microsoft Office ie. Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Coding and Robotics form part of our Computer Curriculum and learners are taught researching skills and are assisted with research for projects.

We have Computer / Coding Club twice a week, one for juniors and the other for seniors. CAMI Maths (Computer Aided Mathematics Instruction) is offered as an extracurricular activity to those pupils who will benefit from consolidation of Mathematic concepts.

Each classroom is equipped with a computer with internet and a data projector. Teachers show PowerPoint presentations as a learning tool and they are able to access the internet for research purposes.  


Address: 125 Margaret Maytom Ave Durban North 4051

Phone: 031 563 6986

GPS -29.768490, 31.051542